I am SO impressed by a good cow horse. Maybe it’s just that I’m an English rider at heart and I feel like none of the English disciplines encourage/require the same… independent decision making from our horse partners. Cow horses do a lot of the job themselves. They have to be so smart.
Then again, this is one of the few horse sports where the horse can even know what he needs to do — horses can’t read course instructions, and in sports like reining or dressage, we’re asking them to do kinda silly stuff that probably would never happen if left to their own devices.
But, you know, once a horse knows how to cut a cow, they’re doing the same thing every time.
Anyway. Cow horses are great, and the muscles on this one!! Just stunning.

2010 Gray Stallion by West Coast Whiz

Amber & Tango {x}

photo by Mackenzie Kincaid